Asset Management

We work with clients to index and organize their digital libraries and media archives. In the process, we help clients identify and distribute previously unreleased content through the appropriate digital channels.

Digital Marketing

We work with clients to ensure they are reaching their fans and targeted audiences effectively. We develop custom digital and social media marketing solutions that fit the needs and goals of each individual client. We provide detailed analytics reports to help clients track performance.

Content Ingestion

We help clients streamline the time consuming process of capturing, encoding, and uploading digital content. Our team provides custom content ingestion solutions that help clients save time and resources.

Digital Rights Management

We offer digital rights management services to prevent illegal distribution of content. All major DRM schemes can be applied to meet individual requirements for each digital storefront and distribution platform.

Content Consulting

We analyze the viewing patterns and historical performance of a client’s digital media presence to develop content production strategies that are uniquely tailored to meet a client’s specific needs and viewership goals.

Video Production

For clients looking to expand their production capabilities or develop their in-house production processes, we offer custom video production solutions to help clients create engaging content that increases views and attracts new fans.

Brand Development

We work with clients to identify and develop their digital brands. We develop custom brand strategies that help our clients connect with fans and reach new audiences.

Digital Distribution

We help clients deliver content to the platforms and digital storefronts that reach their fans and targeted audiences. We work with clients to place their digital content on the appropriate distribution channels and help our clients develop distribution strategies to monetize their content and increase incremental revenue.

Custom Solutions

Our team of designers, developers, media managers, and producers create cost-effective custom solutions that help our clients monetize and distribute digital content efficiently and effectively.

Metadata Optimization

Optimized metadata helps content creators reach their fans and target audiences more effectively. We work with clients to optimize the metadata associated with each and every piece of digital media so that fans can easily find and discover content.

Monetization Strategy

We help clients assess their current digital presence to determine if their content is generating revenue effectively. We work together to develop a uniquely tailored monetization strategy that helps our clients reach their full digital revenue potential.

Digital Downloads

We help clients sell content on digital platforms such as iTunes and Amazon. We work with clients to navigate the partnership process and deliver content to each platform’s individual specifications, ensuring that content uploads correctly and efficiently.